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USC Interactive Architecture Workshop 

  • How can Architects and Planners collaborate to create great places?
  • What are the benefits of Architects and Planners working together?
  • How can Architects and planners work together more effectively?
  • What are some activities, programs and initiatives that can increase collaboration between the Schools the School of Architecture and Planning?

These were some of the questions that were discussed during the workshop. All graduate students, faculty and administration from USC School of Architecture and USC School of Planning, Policy and Development (SPPD) were invited to a lunch and exchange hosted by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate,GPSS on January 19th 2011. The exchange took place at Ball Room in Radisson Hotel.

This exchange provided an opportunity to share ideas and initiate interdisciplinary collaboration.

James Rojas, from Latino Urban Forum and Place It lead the activity for all attendees. This interactive method, composed of workshops and models, is based on project-based learning, where people retain more information by engaging all their senses. Participants are encouraged to explore all their senses when designing and constructing their respective cities in response to a “great question” posed by Rojas and inspired by what brings them together.

During the workshop, every attendee was asked to design 'LA 2050'. Everyone was given some blocks to design LA as it would look in 2050. All models were highly creative and futuristic. The ideas were then discussed and the end not was given by the Mr. Qingyun Ma, Dean of School of Architecture.