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Free AIA/LA Memberships for Full Time Architecture & Design Students

Just wanted to let students know if they were not already aware that full time students can receive a free membership to the AIA/LA.

Visit to apply for membership!

Read more after the jump to see what the membership offers!

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LAIAD 01 Transform

We just wrapped up the first phase of our project for our architectural drawing unit, which was called Transform.  This first phase began by doing an analysis of a canonical architectural project.  Each student approached this by creating diagrams to transform the architectural drawings that describe a subject building, as we were each given 2 floor plans of important twentieth century houses.  This phase will lead into the next phase, where we will then create an axonometric projection. See pictures and more after the jump!

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LAIAD Project One - Sol LeWitt: Permutations

First, just a short introduction: I am an Architecture student at LAIAD/Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design. LAIAD is a small private school founded in 2001 which offers a unique alternative way for students to begin their studies in the architecture or interior design field.  “Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed and affordable education for a small group of talented and motivated students who will be prepared to excel at the schools they transfer to or enroll in.”

Our first project this semester was based on Sol LeWitt’s Incomplete Cubes (see below). Check out the full project after the jump!

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